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STO Rapibus
Grantley adams international airport (GAIA - Barbados)
Canadian Forces Station Alert
Maintenance of Radiocommunication Sites - MCN
Ottawa Airport
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Over a period of more than 5 years, our commitment has successfully led to the completion of a 12 km Rapibus corridor, redefining public transportation standards in the region.

This large-scale project stands out for its infrastructure work, including road lighting, traffic lights, and the design and construction of an exclusive bidirectional lane dedicated to buses and emergency vehicles. It is equipped with over 10 modern stations incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as WIFI, camera surveillance, intrusive access systems, sound, and telecommunications.

The complexity of this project was successfully addressed, tackling challenges such as relocating railway signals, level crossing barriers, and constructing fiberglass bases for these stations. The implementation of a 50 km fiber optic network, featuring 40 switches, tracing cables, FO CCH4U connection boxes, fusions, connections, and adjustments in the control room, underscores our commitment to operational excellence.

The pinnacle of this success is reflected in the smooth transition to the maintenance contract granted by the STO following the commissioning of the corridor. This contract effectively encompasses proactive repair management, preventive maintenance, scheduling and upgrades, as well as reactive management of service calls.

The project for the rehabilitation of taxiways and improvement of the SSALR approach system for Runway 25 at Ottawa Airport was undertaken with the primary goal of optimizing airport operational safety and efficiency. our mission was to implement the necessary enhancements to modernize the lighting of taxiways and the runway approach system.

In the heart of the polar regions, the Canadian Forces Base ALERT stands majestically 817 km from the geographic North Pole, at a latitude of 82° 30′ North and a longitude of 62° 19′ West, operating in extreme meteorological conditions due to its altitude and proximity to the Arctic. In this unique context, we undertook major works to modernize the medium-voltage installation. These works encompassed the replacement of the medium-voltage distribution, with over 6.5 km of newly installed cable, as well as the renewal of pedestal-mounted transformers, accompanied by all necessary civil improvements .

The transportation of essential materials to the CFB was orchestrated with precision, loaded onto a C-130 before reaching ALERT, with a strategic stop at the US Air Force base in Thule, Greenland. This expedition attests to our commitment to successfully execute complex projects, even in extreme conditions, while ensuring the indispensable logistical efficiency for the success of these large-scale initiatives.

Located in Barbados, the Grantley Adams International Airport stands as a crucial hub for travel. As the primary airport on the island, it has undergone a significant Runway and Associated Lighting Systems Rehabilitation Project.

More specifically, this project encompasses the supply and installation of 650 new inset lights in the pavement, 2 new approach systems with embedded threshold lights, numerous new signage panels, the addition of an apron lighting system, the incorporation of new pull boxes, and the construction of new concrete conduits for runway cables and traffic lanes. This project exemplifies the airport’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the overall traveler experience.

 The contract covers the maintenance and upgrading 250 telecommunications sites across Quebec, providing communication networks to all stakeholders in public safety, primarily the Sûreté du Québec.

Responsibilities include proactively managing maintenance operations, conducting regular diagnostics, and implementing corrective measures. This contract goes beyond mere maintenance, also incorporating in-depth inspections to ensure optimal performance of the communication infrastructures. Our commitment is to maintain these 250 sites in impeccable operational condition, thus ensuring the sustainability of essential services for public safety throughout the province of Quebec.